We Initiate

We are full of ideas and eager to develop these – maybe with you as our partner.

Trainings: More Expertise, More Effect But Still With Joy

Just as in sports, we all need training. Not only to stay fit for the job, but also to get stronger and better, learn new techniques, develop potential and change perspectives. The Coram Deo Program initiate trainings that contain all these elements since even natural inspirers can use some help.

Content: Making the Future Work With Wisdom From the Past

We believe that values have a long history. They don´t have to be created but should be communicated. Like impressive and colorful fresco´s that reappear from behind layers of paint, for centuries inspiring men and women have come up with insights that still have a lasting, positive effect on individuals as well as on society as a whole.

Events: We Like to Make Things Happen

A tour or an exhibition? A videoclip or a conference? The Coram Deo Program constantly comes up with proposals for unexpected, exciting and meaningful events. But we prefer setting these up with others. And that could be you. The variety and vastness of our network opens up possibilities for exciting events where connections occur.

Ideas: This is Where It All Begins

Our creative and innovative ideas focus on reaching the heart and making an impact, and these ideas will make a perfect combination with the goals you have. That´s why we take the initiative to share these ideas with individuals and institutions like you.


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