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Creating impact is worth the funding. So let’s see what we can do for you.

Individuals: To Get Going or To Keep Moving

The Coram Deo Program wants to encourage especially young scholars and professionals in a career that can have a positive impact on and beyond their environment. Therefore, we want to support you in becoming an inspiring individual.

Institutions: Money Should Not Be the Problem

We know that the idea that institutions have lots of money is rather a false one. And even if you do have money, it is not enough to do that one special project. Well, if this project meets the goals of the Coram Deo Program, we are happy to consider funding it. Our conviction is that good projects deserve good money and that creating impact is worth the funding.

Funding Criteria

Applications for funding must meet the following criteria:

  • The project is in accordance with the mission and goals of the Coram Deo Program.
  • The applicant is the principal of the project.
  • The Coram Deo Program is given prior access to the budget-proposal and afterwards to the financial realization.
  • In case of a positive balance, a proportional part of the funding amount will be paid back.

Funding Evaluation

The program directors evaluate applications for funding in terms of content. They decide if a project will receive funding.


The Coram Deo Program always covers the cost of a project partially.
The amount of the contribution may differ from project to project.


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