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We are happy to help you find you the right place, the right program and the right people.

Valorisation: Creating Value and Impact

The word valorisation sounds so self-evident but to do what it says takes quite some thinking. Thinking about how to show the value of what you do to a broader audience. Or about how to create an impact on individuals, groups or even society?

Valuable thinking after all is our calling.

If you want make your knowledge accessible as well as beneficial to others, the Coram Deo Program is eager to join you in doing so. Valuable thinking after all is our calling.

Education: Skills and Insights at Special Places

The effect of teaching and training grows if you teach and train at a unique place like an historic city, a breathtaking spot in nature or the vibrance of a metropolis. Combine this with highly qualified presenters from our network and you´ll accomplish education that can enrich and change the lives of many. The Coram Deo Program helps you to find the right place, the right program and the right people.

Dissemination: Spread What You Do to a Wider Audience

Semen is Latin for seed. Dissemination therefore is the work of the farmer spreading the seed all over the land and expecting a good crop. If that is what you want for your product, your ideas or your convictions, talk to us, for we´ve been sowing for years and we´ve seen many good crops being harvested.

Cooperation: Unexpected Partners Are Waiting to Get Connected

Of course we all know that cooperation is helpful, but do you also know that cooperation is possible – and very exciting – with persons and institutions that work in a completely different field? Let us help you to get connected in unexpected partnerships.

You won´t regret it.


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