People from the past can be inspiring for people living in later centuries. Inspiring people who created change and renewal with their actions and ideas. Ideas that help make this world a better place. Ideas that remain relevant.

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929–1968) was such an inspiring individual. He spoke up and stood up and positively changed the lives of millions, while advancing civil rights.

So was Martin Luther (1484-1546). His views on God, man and creation contain a lasting and attractive dynamic and were further developed by fellow reformers. A new and encompassing worldview arose and the key values of this worldview proved to positively affect society as a whole. Luther himself managed to summarize these views, values and ideas down to two Latin words: coram Deo, literally translated as: before God. We live our lives in the face of and in the presence of God and that awareness gives life meaning and gives us responsibility. That awareness and the subsequent values are what the Coram Deo Program wants to communicate and to share.

Therefore our mission is best described as

to inspire individuals in their personal and professional lives with the central values of the Reformation.


Our goals are:

  • Raising awareness for the relevance of reformation values.
  • Transforming decision-makers and influencers in their personal and professional attitudes.
  • Developing tools to connect reformation values with present day social, political, and economic issues.
  • Stimulating program-related research in sixteenth century intellectual history.



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