Loving our Neighbors for the Common Good: Subsidiarity, Responsibility, and Change


21/10/2019 - 25/10/2019


Acton Institute
98 East Fulton Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Living coram Deo—in the sight of God—implies the unique obligation to make the world a better place, especially if you are in a position where you can bring about changes. However, without an appropriate framework for understanding the proper order of society, it is difficult to find effective solutions to today’s social and cultural challenges.

The Reformers, animated by the conviction that those closest to the source of a social problem are best positioned to find the solution, appealed to local authorities and to influential individuals to take active responsibility in changing and improving education, social and political stability, and economic well-being. This is such an effective approach to solving social problems that Christians beyond the Reformation traditions, including Catholic and Orthodox believers, have embraced it.

A week-long conference cosponsored by Acton Institute and the Coram Deo Program.

This conference will be similar to the conference that was held in Bologna, June 24-28, 2019.

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