The reformer´s new views on grace, freedom, knowledge and gratitude appeared to be the gasoline that set a motor of changes in motion, turning the Reformation into a movement of renewal and change that was largely embraced by younger generations.

The Reformation was not a revolution, although the changes that resulted were often revolutionary, but a reform in which what traditionally is good remains, what has grown wrong is removed and new and promising views are introduced. The change in thinking brought about changes with global impact.

That was needed then and it is needed now. The daily news confronts us with changes that we do not want such as the climate change causing so much misery to nature now already and with much more to come. Or the changes we see in increasing numbers of suicides of young people, increasing numbers of divorces, increasing numbers of money made in criminal activities. This kind of daily news causes lethargy, melancholy and pessimism whereas history – and certainly reformation history – is full of examples that changes can be positive and that negative developments can be stopped and be curved into an opposite direction. And this most often starts not with a group but with one single person. It takes some time before you see that an oil tanker has changed its direction, but the change is set in by one person.

You can be that person but you need to take action and get behind the wheel.

You can be that person but you need to take action and get behind the wheel. Change is not a matter of where you are but of who you are and dare to be. Ever since Luther inspiring women and men stood up, spoke out and practiced the right and duty we have to criticize abuses. People can change and can cause change, and even one single person can do so. Millions of famous and anonymous all through history and all over the world have proven this to be true.

The conviction that each single person can bring about change with unexpected and lasting effects makes the Coram Deo Program such an energetic and promising initiative.

Just open up to the idea that you also can be an inspiring individual.



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