In our vision, the Reformation as a movement of renewal and change, which started in the sixteenth century, is still relevant. And still today individuals can be inspired by the values of the Reformation so as to integrate these into their (professional) attitudes, their thinking and their practice.

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Our Mission

The Coram Deo Program's mission is to inspire individuals in their personal and professional lives with the central values of the Reformation.

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Our 5 values

Values and individuals are not just slogans, they are key words for us. Values have a positive impact if individuals are inspired by them. The Coram Deo Program works with five central values. Not to suggest that there are no other important values, but to take those five that can be best be applied to individuals and to present day society.

01. Freedom

02. Righteousness

03. Responsibility

04. Knowledge

05. Change

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Who we are

The Coram Deo Program is an initiative of Refo500, the international platform for knowledge, expertise, ideas, products and events, specializing in the 500-year legacy of the Reformation.
Program Directors are: Karla Boersma and Prof. Dr. Herman J. Selderhuis.


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