Monday Morning Inspiration: Michaël Brouwer

Drs. Michaël D. Brouwer MSc is CEO of Syncasso in Amsterdam. He is convinced that each of us can shape the future, even in every new week.

What inspires you to get going?

I studied theology and later on management and law. I am now in my seventh year as a CEO at a debt collection agency. I am convinced that every person is unique and a miracle. The realization that each individual is free to choose, to make decisions, means that each person can start to change the world. This potential effect that each person has, combined with the responsibility for the world, each other and our selves drives me and gets me going. Each of us can shape the future.

How do you cope with the challenges of this new week?

Every week, I begin with checking my scedule and evaluate if all appointments and task are balanced. Are the really necesssary? Will they contribute? Will they contribute in shaping our future? Balance is necessary, in my scedule. Enough time to think, to talk, time for my loved ones and my colleaques. Especially at the beginning of the week it is important to realize that you can make choices to make this a special week and not be overwhelmed by the demands of others and the daily and weekly routines that strip all potential away from us. Each of us can shape the future in this new week.

What advice do you have for those who find Monday mornings tough?

It depends if it happens every Monday or not. If it does, I would advise them to choose to see it differently. Examine what the toughest part is of this Monday morning and change it, by deciding to do so. Changing can also mean that you set things in motion to change it, by starting to talk about it, by taking time to think about who you are and most important to realize what your believes are and if you still are connected. When Monday Mornings are tough, it helps to look beyond Monday. To look to the end of the week, the end of the month, the end of the year.

Look to the potential future and realize that you can shape it.

–Drs. Michaël D. Brouwer MSc, CEO of Syncasso

June 2020


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