Monday Morning Inspiration: Tandean Rustandy

Tandean Rustandy is the founder and CEO of PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk in Indonesia. He is inspired by God’s love and calls for being thankful and grateful.

What Inspires You to Get Going?

We are called to be the salt and light. That is my inspiration. God’s love inspires me. He loves me and saved me. So I want to bless others because I have been blessed.

How Do you Cope with the Challenges of This New Week?

Each week, no matter how hard it gets, I try to remind myself that I am so blessed and need to share the blessing to others, having that positive attitude: to give thanks will keep you going.

What Advice Do You Have for Those Who Find Monday Mornings Tough?

As a Christian Chinese Indonesian, I’m a double minority. I have to work harder and  to do everything more. And God has given me this opportunity to become a platform to showcase His love, through my business, my family and my life in general.

So for those of you living comfortably, realize that you are blessed, that you don’t need to take any extra steps like those in need or in developing countries, those who have no opportunities to study, no access to healthcare, no clean water, those who can’t worship freely. Be thankful and be grateful for each day.

Take that opportunity.

– Tandean Rustandy, founder and CEO of PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk


May 2020



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