Monday Morning Inspiration: Rina Molenaar

Rina Molenaar is CEO of the Dutch Woord en Daad Organization. In this blog she tells us where she finds her inspiration and encouragement. Hope with a capital H is her keyword.

What inspires you to get going?

I am mostly inspired by my world-wide partners. They often know exactly how to encourage me from God’s Word. This inspires me. I see God’s hand working through them. Sometimes they also hold a mirror in front of me. They have so much experience working in crisis situations and difficult circumstances. They have experienced that they need not lose the Hope with a capital H. Without that Hope I would be unable to continue. Their prayer, their commitment, their friendship but also that of our support community here in the Netherlands give me the courage to continue.

How do you cope with the challenges of this new week?

By doing my job optimistically and realistically. Sure, we sadly see some countries where the suffering is great and where things are going from bad to worse. And yes, we miss some funding and need to be creative in looking for solutions for budget shortfalls. I, however, continue to encourage partners and colleagues to consider the chances out there. I encourage them to look through the crisis to those areas where they see opportunities and innovations. They are there. They need to be seen and utilized. Just one example is the huge steps we are currently making in becoming much better at digital and online work.

What advice do you have for those who find Monday mornings tough?

Be focused on the Hope. This Hope can be found in all the work that needs doing. Look at things in a realistic and optimistic manner.

Do your work well today, also if today is a Monday. Work using today’s means, but always keep your eyes open for ways that will help your work become more effective in the future.

Transparent and honest communication is so important in your work with all those around you; some far, some close. Personal attention and commitment when setting a shared goal, in which you need each other’s qualities is crucial. It keeps people motivated and focused on their tasks.

– Rina Molenaar, CEO of Woord en Daad

May 2020


Image: Henk Visscher


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