Monday Morning Inspiration: Jul Medenblik

Monday morning is a good moment to spread information on how to inspire individuals with the values of the Reformation. In this blog you can read the advice of Jul Medenblik, President of Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids.

What Inspires You to Get Going?

As a person who moved from the field of law (worked six years as an attorney) and served as a church planter for sixteen years and is now in my ninth year as President of Calvin Seminary, what gets me going is a deep conviction that I am called by God.  For me calling is the intersection of gifts, education, experience and passion.  No matter your field, it needs to be a calling!

How Do You Cope with the Challenges of this New Week?

Every week, I begin with a need to reorient myself in order to meet any challenge that I face. I begin by needing to always remember that I am not alone. Not only does God desire to enter into my work week, He has provided me with other image bearers to come alongside me in life and ministry. I also need to be anchored by opening each day with a  prayer to God that submits this time – including Mondays to Him.

What Advice Do You Have for Those Who Find Monday Mornings Tough?

I would ask a series of questions. Is Monday tough because I don’t believe that I am following my calling?  If you are not living into your calling with passion, what do you feel might that be?  Maybe God is inviting you to explore something different.

If you are in your calling and passion, I would suggest finding a community of peers that can help you process your experiences and feelings.  I have developed a once a month “Breakfast Club” as a sounding board and I have been in a Peer Group for over 20 years.  Both of these communities are vital for my making it through the tough times of life.

– Jul Medenblik, President of Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

April 2020



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